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For people thirsty for a new kind of RPG adventure, here's everything you need to know about this newly released, thoroughly beta-tested, unique type of d20 game.


This wiki tells you everything you could need to know about this new, unique d20 RPG. The rules in this game are very simple, so just look up "Rules" and it'll have everything you need to know for that there. If you are still a bit confused, there are more in-depth articles on rules surrounding certain areas. The rest of this wiki is devoted to showing the type of adventure you can have, helping GM's by giving a base for the stats of weapons and enemies, sharing cool ideas for encounters, or organizations of enemies, traps, allies, and neat things you can find that shape your characters story. Once you know the rules, get some inspiration from these articles. You're more than welcome to add new ideas of your own, it would in fact be appreciated.

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